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Tattoo Priest Like Constantine Lyrics

26 The Follow Thief – Tattoo Priest Like Constantine Lyrics

When you got the s... word they all scream war, they all, bring ammunition to
Your door.
They all, representing & screaming what you are... a star...
Would you blame me, if I should become a drug fiend, when I can't sleep,
Shadows creep, whispers speak, I prey to keep Satan away like I'm
When I dream it's like you lay awake and you see what I see, these thing's;
Visions like Samuel The Priest who wrote The 4 Books Of Kings I'm
Paraniod constantly.
Wake up after the bewitching hour, constantly.
Before all this occurred: I had a dream, I was performing exorcism like
#Constantine: tied 2 people up with rope & I remember the screams.
What can you do, when the spirit of Satan comes to you through, the hearts
Of men, wishing you harm, wishing your life would end.
Would you lose faith like #Constantine?
Step into The Devil's Advocate: shoot yourself in the head like Keano

I live through these scenes, I sleep through these dreams, I come from a...

Dysfunctional Capetonian family: my uncle's "27 C.K", he wanna shoot his
Cousin whose "26 NTK" buts get shot at by his brother at the firm, leader
Over "27 Y.A"

Last year my uncle was released on early parole bless his soul. Was wanted
By police for murders over 19 years ago, he and my daddy's tattoos both say
"26 NTK" but now adays it's like #RejectedGangNames now adays

In Cape Town my uncle was the founding member and 27 trigger happy leader
Of the Manenburg "PlayBoys": city's most hated like #RejectedGangNames

I'm nephew to the well respected, Manenburg "JESTER", the founding member.
Poorlsmor 27 Legend, the most hated (Cape Town won't be the same)

City changed, my uncles (including my father) started almost a dozen of
Cape Town's original gangs"; but now youth represents the unknown like

When I grew up, never lacked, money rubber band stack wrapped. What you
Expect, only white people like that.
I grew up in a house where...

We got trapped, our phones were hacked
In the distance, some one was boxed in, or a house was rushed
And all we heard was BRA... BRA...
His not coming back
Children continue as normal, cause if it's real you don't act
BRA... Ha... Non talkative child grows up to slice your neck
Mashlebe's sons will really do it, ask any 26 you can go check
Show female's in his family disrespect, and a Robie (Pronounced: Row... bee)
You know that's older will put a gun in your bek
You end up dead, disciplined by your friend like he never knew you, no
Emotion like naie (pronounced: ny... er) voetstek (meaning: fuck off)
Son of a Robie (Pronounced: Row... bee) every one in my City know me,
Their's nothing new you can show me
These kinders (meaning: girls) don't wanna "hou their bek", (meaning: "shut
They slander your name just cause you don't give a poes (meaning: "shit"
Also sometimes "pussy") they telling you,
You just made their "poes lek", (meaning; pussy drip/wet)
Why must you give a poes (meaning: shit) if they then "poes sleg" (meaning:
Fucking sluts)
When we all want a girlfriend that's then "poes reg" (meaning: sexy)

Naies (pronounced: ny... ers) think I'm stupid, cause of a girl my uncle
Wanie 27 leader of the PlayBoys walked into his own death

Naietjies (meaning: little sluts) are "too sleg" (meaning; too slutty),
Don't come with this share "stam" (meaning: street gang/camp) mentality,
"naie voetsek" (same meaning as "mother fucker fuck off")

Naies (pronounced: ny... ers) talk they did this and that but in the end
Naies just "bek" (meaning: mouth)
Some cry cause it's time, while other naies (pronounced: ny... ers) cry cause
They scared to die
Some naies (pronounced: ny... ers) look nervous some naies (pronounced:
Ny... ers) can't take the stress
Naies (pronounced: ny... ers) faces show panic naies (pronounced: ny... ers)
Scared of death

I prey to die but it's like I'm immortal cause in the end I'm still alive,
So naie, (pronounced: ny... er) I must be blessed

I got a cousin whose paranoid of doors because: their was a hit on one of
Our uncle's heads, he stood up for a knock, opened the door they shot him
Through the face, now his dead

I she'd tears for my mother,
Lord why must my family suffer
Lord why did my uncle Sharif have to loose all his brothers
Why did all his cars have to be shot up by the H.L's
Why must he jump through windows in his own house just to dodge bullets
Why I must I suffer like no other Lord why did you do this?

Why must these strangers force themselves into my life like intruders
Why'd you put me under surveillance

I didn't wanna be famous, to be known is too dangerous
I just wanted enough to be able to afford the latest
And maybe one day they say I'm the greatest

Have faith, they Tattoo Priest Like Constantine -- die legendary like the
27 Holand sovereign

Uncle Sharif you were right, right handed stab with the left only murder
Can keep you clean, depressed but you can't die until they dead... at 19 I
Was too stressed, never sleep, wept, I heard the city's voices in my head
Outnumbered by cowards surrounded wishing the whole of Western Cape was
Honor and praise be, to the Poorlsmor prophet, your predictions were right
The youngest couldn't be trusted, betrayed me
Thinking his famous, now every one's aim is, to make a name off me
What happened to you's... the same with me
Only difference is, they playing mental games with me, they change on me,
No one looks the same at me, they acknowledge me as a killer, they honor me
As one of the realest but why the reason I'm confused is, like the movies
Of Hitler, they condemned me to be numbered in a Prison camp as they take
Orders from a loud speaker.

I'm this city's most hated, showed the suburbs Cape Town's one of the
Colored can't tell you where's the killers they just know where the 28 is
I'll take you to where a gun is, that naies take you to a rapist

I show you terroritories that's the safest, run by the 27 where the 26 is

You safest amongst robbers and killers
Smoke from the cleanest dealers
You can smoke chemicals but you'll never know what it means to be drugged

None of these naies (pronounced: ny... ers) believe in God, they don't
Understand what faith is

I started out in the beginning of my life with...
Plotting murders with prison generals carrying weapons bigger than Chrome
45's and 9 Berretas
To, broad day light knife fights with drug dealers
To, walking through the streets;
Of a Ghetto, respected by real killers
To, aiming for throats, by the graces of God
I'm dodging a real sentence to...
Blatantly being disrespected by new faces
To, pursuing them with street chases through
To, being the most famous associated to the most dangerous
Then this whole small slum you from hate on you
Get attention from females
And jealousy show you how evil he change on you
When your face is known, no matter what you do
New generation gonna wanna make a name off you
When you the realest, the radio allows other artists to steal your flow and
Profit off your lyrics; the little you got
All these naies (pronounced: ny... ers) just wanna take from you
Naies (pronounced: ny... ers) that wanna be like you
They wanna steal from you
It's those obsessed naies (pronounced: ny... ers) that wanna be live like you
That's gonna wanna hate on you
Soon as you show 7, naies (pronounced: ny... ers) gonna wanna put the 8 on
Naies (pronounced: ny... ers) gonna wanna search for a weak link
And make like that naie's (pronounced: ny... er's) you
When naies (pronounced: ny... ers) wanna kill you off
The day you decide, you willing to sacrifice for manslaughter
That's when you decide to keep a blade on you
That naies (pronounced: ny... ers) started a gay club
Don't bother, just let them show hate for you
You know how far it goes, that's why they hate on you
Suppose to tell me
"All these naies (pronounced: ny... ers) fake compared to you"
Prophecy's true... What you gonna do... They coming for you, you, you and
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