I knew
-though amazed by the grace
I lied to myself
I crawled
-behind the remain of my shadow
In a cold sweat

-Make your move, brother
What are you trying to prove, brother
I walked the wire, ready to jump

Bought myself a ticket to nowhere
To watch the world turn

Touch of fire-
Had no idea where I was going
Just living in a nightmare
Lost in time and space

The sky-
Another sky
Among the clouds of gold and diamonds

I rode-
On wings of steel
Just waiting to be shot down

-Welcome home, brother
Now you're on your own, brother
On my way to the queen
I looked over my shoulder

For the price of a ticket
I watched the world burn

Touch of fire-
The flames are gone. A new day's dawning
And now the falling rain
Will wash the sins away

Touch of fire-
I live again. A new world's rising
Another story goes to prove
I'm still alive
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Touch Of Fire Lyrics

220 Volt – Touch Of Fire Lyrics