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Daddy Lyrics

10,000 Cadillacs – Daddy Lyrics

I got a rolodex of Cadillacs 10,000
Motherfuckin' macks rat a tat tat on the tracks
Go the gats pop pop and they drop crooked cops
Hear the shots pulling out all the stops
While collecting mad props gotta ride it like a Caddy
While your girl calls me daddy gonna party with Bacardi
Gettin' loose you know we're naughty
Pass the forty and the blunt I'm not a stuntman
Look into my eyes and realize I am the one who can flow
You know these waves as deep as the ocean
And my cuts with unified were baptised in commotion
Got this potion called game jumpin' out of my pores
And if the mind is a weapon then my rhyme is a sword
So all aboard the soul train these dice that I roll
Man are comin' up kid I'm the one they call No-Name
You can't see me in the shadows
And when it comes to battle I'm Cadillac backed 9,999 prime time
When we rhyme five dollar dime on the mind
Make you stop look and listen and you'll still be missing mine
I'm rollin' with the crown on my hood
Good wood with a Louisville Slugger motherfucker
Fuck around say hey batter batter watch a motherfucker splatter
When I hear your teeth chatter makes this motherfucker madder
Nigga got more game than Chutes and Ladders
Had enough so ruff so tuff get your hands against the wall
I'll call your motherfuckin' bluff now puff some herb
You look disturbed left you layin' in the curb
Nigga lost in my verb victimized by my word
If you bring this you better mean this
I drop genius at my convenience and your nigga never saw me
So I know you'll never see this creepers
Peeps in my click deep in this shit since the day we were born
And we'll bounce if you trip not down with a stick
Automatic got a crown on the horn
Cadillac haters try to fade us motherfuckers
Got dropped had to say later to the traitors
Cause that shit had to stop Cleveland's my spot
Props and peeps beats bump in Jeeps jump in clubs
10 K's creatin' a name throwin' game showin' love showin'
Love baby be my Caddy I'll call you Daddy Cadillac Daddy
Cadillac Catch 22 right through ya
Booya rest in peace it was nice when I knew ya
Strictly business don't let it fool ya closed casket
That shit just blew ya mind away
Find away bring it all back pack the skills you lack
Ya need a little focus hocus pocus
Abracadabra I'll grab you when I choke this microphone
Al Capone rat a tat tat what's up with that
That hocus pocus choke this microphone
Mad Max kickin' ass beyond the Thunderdome
Sip a cool forty trip while I rip and tear
Leggo my Eggo like Prego
We're in there like Energizer goin' goin' gone so long
Down with U.C. so forth and so on
I want it want it want it does that mean I can't have it
Pull a rhyme out of my mind like pulling that rabbit out of a hat
Ain't that kind of strange the vocal line rearranged
But the beat didn't change
Order in the court cooperate for a quarter
And you oughta realize we ride and bring disorder transporters crossing borders
Life is short and getting shorter
Sex and lies and camcorders order a whiskey and a water
Raise a toast to Bone for bringing it home to the Erie shores
See the world got shown where you're at
When you are from Cleveland we're breathing and achieving
We're thuggin' but never thieving
You were deceiving yourself when you thought we weren't
Shit I got my click not a clip got a crew not a grip
10,000 Cadillacs coming stacked and equipped
This is Cleveland motherfucker this is Cleveland
This is Cleveland motherfucker this is Cleveland
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