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Recession Blues Lyrics

1 Foot Party – Recession Blues Lyrics

Verse 1
The government said that we're outta money,
So they made a plan to print some more.
And five years from now what used to cost a dollar,
Is gonna run yya three for sure.

My broker said don't pay too much attention,
Your money isn't really gone.
And now that it's on sale you should buy a whole lot more
'cause Wall street always turns around.
Well I hung up the phone and made a new plan of my own.

Chorus 1
I'm gonna bail out, my old leaky boat,
Patch it up and go fishin', not give things another thought.
'Cause out there on the water, you can't hear the evening news,
Hey I've had enough of those depressin' recession blues.

Verse 2
Things are changin' they always will,
And the experts always say it's the end.
They said "we're out of oil", got the Asian flu,
And things would never be the same again.

Now I'm not saying it's all good news,
But it ain't all bad.
Any day above the ground is a great place to start,
At least you've got a fightin' chance.
You can hang up the phone and make a new plan of your own.

Chorus 2
I'm gonna, stimulate the economy, and buy a couple bottles of whiskey,
Treatin' my buddies get's a great return and it's a heack of a lot less risky!
When times are tough, freinds are the, one thing you can't lose,
A sure fire cure for those depressin' recession blues.

There's a lot of things, money can't buy you'd be sorry if you went without,
And all those bandit's lyin' bout all the cookies in the jar...
Guess it's good they finally caught.
Hey I'm getting back to things that really matter a lot.

Chorus 3
I'm gonna inventory, the good things in my life,
I can still breathe the air and ther's someone who cares if I make it home at night,
Every now and then, rememberin' I'm doin' more than just paying dues,
And I won't entertain those depressin' recession blues.
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