Verse 1:
They don't mention me, it's elementary.
A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P... See I was different, I listened,
Always asked for permission, my teachers said I'd be a doctor or a
Mathematician. And they thought, that I had shot, to the top with the
Knowledge. It's embarrassing to tell them that I dropped out of
College. But I followed my passion, always writing, steady prayin',
Before I knew it, here I was, spittin' lines for
Teddy Pain. And now I'm signed, but I ain't blind, I know that fame is an
Allusion, can't take credit for my talent, so I came to the conclusion


To whom much is given, much will de demanded each day as I
Grow older, the more I understand it. I'm blessed with a gift, I can't
Take it for granted, each day as I grow older, the more I understand
It ain't me! This Ain't Me (x3). Don't give me credit, no!

Verse 2:

I basically lace it but no kicks are needed. Repeated, heated to mean it, they've seen it, fixed to face it. You see, I'm chasing the demon, defeated tricks, evaded, the faded mix created, I hate, it leaded to Eden. Now
I'm certain the serpent is lurking, pullin' & jerking & twerking,
Working a burden, until it's hurtin' & murkin'. The Word alerted, I heard it, I flirted flesh with murder, the best occurred if I'm earnest, the rest blessed that heard us, because...


Verse 3: I ain't livin' by the law, but see I'm not a felon. I'm
Removing dirty deeds, like squirting seeds in watermelons. It's a
Manifestation of gas stations, the nations blaming inflation, their
Patience is growing thin like starvation. But it's salvation that
Changes my earned eternal damnation. Crucified in that moment, the
World's chance for atonement. Not restricted or afflicted by the
Devils plots depicted. I accept the resurrected, Satan's toss is

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This Ain't Me Lyrics

ZinG – This Ain't Me Lyrics