Feat. IV Conerly


In these last days men of lovers of self.
Boastful, scoffers, coveting wealth. (2 Tim 3:1-3)
They seem godly but deny it's power, (2 Tim 3:4)
It’s how we see it’s the final hour.
They’re leaving our teaching, switching gears,
For preachers that meet their itching ears. (2 Tim 4:3)
It’s downright rotten, no more options,
The truth is forgotten, we need sound doctrine.

Verse 1:

Ahem pardon me, but could you stop in your place,
And let me introduce you to the doctrines of grace.
My aim in writing this is not to spark a debate,
But to clear some misconceptions which is often the case.

First off, we must see every human’s inability,
To choose to come to Christ cuz of hatred & hostility.
Since a babe, in the grave, dead in sin, enslaved
By the bondage of the will, so their choice has been made.

Therefore election is the answer to our problem.
Cuz none can come unto the Son unless the Father draw them.
Not because of anything they’ve done, but cuz He’s sovereign.
And finds the poorest men, and for His glory adopts them.

So then it depends not, on man who wills or runs.
But God and His great mercy, and His plan to kill His Son,
Who bore the Father’s wrath and laid His life down for the Sheep,
And they all hear His voice, as He offers “Come to Me”.

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Sound Doctrine Lyrics

ZinG – Sound Doctrine Lyrics