Little Steff
Poptracks baby

[Young Steff]
It's Monday morning
I gotta get up and go to school
I wish I could sleep all day but Mom said you know your rules
The weekends over seems like school never ends
The only thing that keeps me going and I could go and chill with my friends
So I bust'em on the basketball team cause basketballs my thing
So let me get up and get myself together and be on my way
I get to school and everything's cool I see shorty's
I smile at her, she smiles back and it makes my day
So I say

Can I holla would you mind
If I stand up with two time
You don't have to be alone
I can call you on the phone
Can I holla what's the deal
Can I holla I'm for real (I'm for real)
You don't have to be alone
Oh no

Uh Little Steff
Pop tracks lets go

[Young Steff]
Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday later on I'm at the spot
It's a place where me and my boys go hanging
The girls and the music be hot
Its a place where young people go and there we be having fun
That's when I seen that shawty from school and I said
"Yo she's the one"
It was more than popping and there was no stopping
The crush that I had on you
And I wondered if you really know its true


Can I holla would you mind
If I borrow you for a minute
Just a minute of your time
Me and you we can kick it
Can I holla (holla holla)

[Lil' Bow Wow]
Yo, yo Bow Weezie
Rapper stepper to me
They want to get some but its yo boy Lil Weezie
You know the out come
Another victory, they can't get wit me
So pick a PCD cause your history
And stop trying to be like this rap mine
Cause as long as I'm around you gone be behind
I'm like a new bike to a kid
A perm to ya wig
There's a lot of copy catin' but I know who ya wit
Can you holla at this big dolla getting hitting pretty hard
Respresenting So So
You know the flow baby everything gravy
Everything big ma, everything crazy
That means you ain't got to worry bout nothing
That means I'ma keep ya fly and crushing
That means when people see me they see you
And all you got to do is holla

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Can I Holla Lyrics

Young Steff – Can I Holla Lyrics

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