Yeah I told you Niggas
Yeah Niggas
I told yalls I was coming back niggas
I want it down below homies

Lets go

Welcome back
Guess who's back and he is shinin' on you niggas
Welcome back
Guess who's back and he is stuntin' on you hoes
Welcome back
Yea I'm back and I'm shinin' on you niggas
Welcome back
Yea I'm back and I'm stuntin' on these hoes
Been on my grizzy but now I'm back in the place
And if you show me the money ill put this brick in your face
And if ya ain't got mo money ill put this strap in your face
And believing these niggas is like a slap in the face
Welcome back

Guess what
I don't give a fuck
None of these niggas real as me
I think I might line em up
Fuck you man he ain't shit
What you say
Suck a dick
Excuse me if I'm bein' rude
Let me check my attitude
Excuse me Mr. Attitude
Why you got an attitude
Can't stand the rapper niggers
Thinking that its trap a nigga
Where at they do to you

What's happening?
What up dude
I've been done
You too slow
I'm too fast
Movin' like slim fast
Keep my Ronald Williams cash
In a black Chevy bag


So kind so kind
Thank you very much
What the fuck is goin' on
Actin' like I lost touch
I ain't never lost touch
Dam sure ain't lost much
Mater of fact I still got it
Yea you know I'm still ballin'

Catch me in my black T
But I'm a business man
Catch me at the kitchen table weighing out my business plan
Young what your dentist plan
None your fuckin' business man
Whats wrong with your pussy niggas
Needin' my opinions man

OK here we go again
Street status necessary
Start talking blow again
Got that bureau if the niggas sellin' blow again
Streets think its necessary that a nigga blow a man


In my yayo in my kitchen
Sky storch every where
White fat black top
Kung Fu panda bear
Call me sense I got the taiquondo
My Angelina shit I want that Brad Pitt dough
I said so funny same time snow money
Ain't nothin' funny bitch
I'm on my money shit
A movie star bitch
We can make our own flick
I just came to beat it down
You play with your own shit

Yea OK I'm bout to wild out
Call it a v neck
Took a nine out

750 luck
750 head
Bitch I don't even know what 750 is


We told you niggas right
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Welcome Back Lyrics

Young Jeezy – Welcome Back Lyrics

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