[Chorus: Young Jeezy]
Straight up out the rarri nigga
Straight up out the rarri nigga

Hat cocked
Glocked cocked
White t
White ones
Straight up out the rarri nigga
Hat cocked
Glocked cocked
White t
White one's
Laced up no socks(chea)
I'm da truth I don't tell lies
Straight g nigga you can see it n my eyes
We ain't playin' ova here ain't shit funny
5 whole days jus 2 count da real money(daaaaamn)
Had to send them 2 da store 3 times mane(why)
Couldn't hold the crack money ran out of rubbabands
I'm a real nigga nuthin like deze otha guys
I'm da best bitch til you show me otha wize(dats rite)
Keep it on the lap nigga not da glove department
Betta listen lil daddy this sum georgia 4 you
I'm a motha fuckin g I ain't neva been a bitch
All deze wanna be gangstas on sum frooty ol' shit I tell em (A!)
Mix me with dat rap [x2]
Buck on one you could damn sho git it
50 rounds off top I'm a dam sho hit it(dats riiiiite)
Mix me with dat rap [x2]

(Rick ross)
I'm treated like a king when I'm down in port of prince
Bitch I do my thing das one thing that they taught a prince
You get the bird I get the dove I'm myself speaking coz
If your talk you betta talk running your mouth who could they own
Niggahz beginners trecleo for dinner
Bullet proof the car so front tinting the windows
I'm affiliated were true worriers yeah it's ricky ross notorious
Cocaine ma game I show you how to flip that thang
The change that came (the cars) the prisons all the same
Ima drug dealer thug niggah get the yayo ricky ross (trillaaaaaaaa)
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Straight Up Out The Rarri Lyrics