Potbelly rocker holding his joker
But dont know how to lay a poker.
He carries a guitar, holds on to his bars,
Trying to get his head for the future rock.

Potdizzy rocker gets a rockstockbroker
Who claims hes only a fumble harmer.
With his potfull of stars and handful of cars,
Trying to make his bread from the future stock.

Rocksuck doo-doo,
With a big fat choo-choo,
Dont be a coo-coo.
Gotta get ready for the future shock.

Pothappy rocker, a true blue lover.
His life is full of painful corners.
He blows his horn to the world of thorns,
Trying to make his bed for the future shock,

Potluck lulu
With a hot belly doo-doo,
Dont be a boo-boo.
Gotta get em ready for the future shock.
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Potbelly Rocker Lyrics

Yoko Ono – Potbelly Rocker Lyrics

Songwriters: Ono, Yoko
Potbelly Rocker lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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