The succumbing beast rose upon the divinity
And smiled on top voice for the victory
The last wish of wise got a failure
And the lust of blood came arised in valour
The courage on battlefield of hell
The spirits of white lapped in fail
And the bells of the hell chimed...
The crest of bloody tears in dark facade
Smiled hurling back on the gateway of sad
Nest of the devil on crying nature
Sacrifice of natural tears on altar
Of raucous life of purity
Nevermore rested in serenity
And the bells of the hell chimed...
The pale waning moonlight that crept
Through the crypt of thy lord,lucidly slept
The wail of the dark widowhood de toll
Shining immortal night entered the soul
The torment would unfurl the earth
The eggs of evilness,just curled
And the bells of the hell chimed...perfect mark of lord
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Perfect Mark Of Lord Satan Lyrics