[King T]
Now to make it interestin it's me, King Trife
Big Ballin' n***a for bout half of my life
Whether on my knees prayin, blowin on the dice
Bet King T'll throw it to you precise
I need +Cash+, gotta live it like it's no limit
Like it's in season, no scrimmage
Flossin twenty inches, on concrete and won't leak
See me on the street I won't speak
Cause I'm all that - and what crews despise
To the 600 backboard on 2-K-5
+Cash+, honey like, "Whoo, they live!"
Should I, peep or slide Boo you better decide
I heard tonight's open bar, I'll be passin you by
With a platinum Presidential light splash in your eye
All these haters mad doggin, you know they won't last
Cause fuckin with these Westside thugs..
.. You gotta have a lot of +Cash+

Chorus: 1 + 2 {B. I. G. Sample}

1 - repeat all 2X

{Where da paper at?} I got to get it
{Where da paper at?} You know I need it
{Where da paper at?} I got to have it

2 - start with +Cash+

{Where da paper at?} I got to get it
{Where da paper at?} You know I need it
{Where da paper at?} I got to have it
{Where da paper at?} I got to get it
{Where da paper at?} You know I need it
{Where da paper at?} ..

Yo it's the Clash of the Phillie Titans
The s**t I'm writin be excitin
And start ni***z to drinkin and fightin
You ni***z be bitin, Xzibit steady lighten it up
I suggest you show some progress and tighten it up
You see how many ni***z be rollin like the end of the planet
Is gonna happen tomorrow, never beg steal or borrow
Just deliver the powers(?), steady knockin off b*****s
Blunts and Hennessey bottles - straight ahead, full throttle
Never follow nobody cause I'm a leader myself
Never workin for no cracker like a Keebler Elf
I did it for delf, ni***z wanna look for the best
Pull out your you. S. Map and look to the West
I pull up?? Your forty-five bodyguards
Won't stop us from seein your black a** and makin it ours
Tinted our cars, platinum bars, weed delivery run
I roll big chronic with chunks of hash to puff with my +Cash+

Chorus 1 + 2

King T, X to the Z, and J-Bizzy
Well known for takin girls home and gettin busy
Known for the flow when downsizin a four-oh
And hittin suv's hooked up, by 3-1-0
And I can't stands no man
Smack dab in the middle of me and my plan?
I blast with either hand
Why don't you try Cortizone ten I heard it helps
When your neck wrist and ankles, is covered with wealth
But I couldn't tell you how to treat that hole in your chest
Shoulda wore a vest, now you just a motherfuckin mess
I used to have A. 22, my khaki's I was saggin em
Now I'm sportin Polo, and A. 44 Mag-a-num
Shameless plug - Likwit Crew, dj Pooh
Make you booboo in your Fubu, runnin right through you
Staple Center ni***z, box seats, beers and cheers
While you watchin in black and white
With foil on the rabbit ears

Chorus 1 + 2

So if you owe Catash some dough, you best go rob a Denny's
I don't care where it's from, I'll count ten G's in pennies
Cause I'm shifty when it comes to puttin food on my plate
Rap it ain't my only lick, but I push it like weight
+Cash+, multi-mill', f**k chasin a deal
I'm by the freeay with a sign that say "Will kill for scrill"
Dollar bills is who I chase in this rap race of drama
If she owe Catash some dough, I might kidnap yo' momma
+Cash+, peep how far I came along
I charge twelve G's a verse, so that's 36 a song
Ni***z got it all wrong, y'all got this ballin distorted
If you gotta ask the price that means you couldn't afford it
+Cash+, f**k the acre, we want the paper
Tash just bought a skyscraper in Jamaica
F**k y'all little fakers tryin to ball with Big Tash
We put the mask down, this West coast don't f**k with our +Cash+

Yeah man I seen you on tv, I love your records man
You're just all over the place
Why don't you let a brother hold somethin real quick?
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Where Da Paper At Lyrics