Intro: Method Man

Uhhh, god damn it
There's motherfuckin n****s talkin' man
These motherfuckers is talkin' mad s**t
N***a we bout to show these motherfuckers who we is

Hook: Redman
These motherfuckers think we playin games
These motherfuckers don't know Wu-Tang
These motherfuckers is talkin mad s**t
But these motherfuckers better run quick
Cuz me and my n****s is about to f**k em up
Cuz the Wu-Tang aint givin a f**k

Verse 1: Method Man
S**t, Jesus Christ, you think I'mma be nice
F**k that son, you gon pay the price
Catchin' td's from Vick like Peerless Price
Motherfuckers get hit like Bush's b***h Rice
Eat that asian s**t like fuckin rice
Lickin' that carpet like a fuckin dike
Gettin' that paper like a fuckin kike
Whoa, no, don't go there ho
Who the f**k is you? They gon slit your throat
You a motherfucking b***h a** punk a** crooked a** motherfucking
Goat, and like a goat I make the sacrafice
To the Gods so they can see my might
Like b*****s I be fuckin every god damn night
God dammit you n****s is acting trife
Where the f**k is your god damn wife
God damn I'll fuckin ruin your life
Oh God I speak blasphemy like its a delight
Make you christian a** n****s wanna cry
N****s in the damn streets die, while rich kids get high

Hook 2x

Verse 2: rza and gza

Yo yo these motherfuckers don't know my name
I'mma fuckin let em know my name
You motherfuckers will know my name
That's the way I fuckin play this game
S**t, n****s like you think you got somethin
N****s like you aint got nothin
God damn you n****s is some fools
I shoot you n****s like I shoot pool

F**k with the baddest of the baddest
I smoke with the gladdest of the gladdest
N****s can't have this
This is my s**t that I wrote, suck my d**k
You fuckers aint got s**t
You fuckers aint got dicks
Generic s**t what the f**k ever f**k it
F*****g priests can't change me so f**k them
I aint a f*****g n****are just frontin
So f**k you n****s who aint fuckin

Hook 2x

Verse 3: Ghostface and Raekwon

Jesus can save
Yall n****s believe it
Some of you n****s can't fuckin see it
But I believe that you n****s will be it
Like my n***a Redman yall n****s will be it
Don't be like fat a** Bizarre that n***a will eat it
N****s is crazy like H. O. V n***a I seen it
But damn n***a I gotta problem with all the killin
And the stealin n***a
Leave them cars alone your asses aint leavin the fuckin hood
You n****s up to no good
You n****s will burn like fuckin hell
Oh motherfuckin well

Fuckin God damn all of you
God damn you motherfuckers and f**k all of you
God damn this s**t man I aint gonna rap
N****s like you can't god damn handle that
Jesus f*****g allah f*****g buddha
You fuckin n****s, man f**k this s**t

Hook x2

Verse 4: odb and Inspectah Deck

I got your money b***h a** n***a
I got mo paper than a b***h with 6 figures
I sell more in ny than that god damned jigga
For real n***a my n***a you feelin me?
Jews and gentiles are all feelin me
Christians and Muslims, n****s feelin me
Politicians and police, f**k they killin me

I am like mj except I don't wear 23
I wear 88
Like my n***a Michael Irvin
Smoking crack can't handle that
F**k that, f*****g arab women getting jailed for that
Hoes and b*****s and rims n***a that's all there is
N****s like you can't see that s**t that's all there is
N****s like you is stupid talkin mad s**t
F**k that s**t n***a you aint god damn worth s**t

Hook 2x

Verse 5: you-God and Redman

They call me you-God why cuz I am a God
Like God I cast down on thee motherfuckers get mad at me
But Jesus God, n****s you can't me that fraud n****s
I see blonde n****s, like Eminem selling that's fuckin fraud, n****s
Jippin' n****s like bad coke dealers
Little kids buyin his s**t for what n***a
Yo Reggie what the f**k you got to say about that s**t?

Man f**k that s**t
S**t run this s**t back
F**k it yeah play that s**t again
Yeah yeah f**k lets go
1, 2, 3, to the motherfuckin 4
Redman is in the motherfuckin door
N****s like you I choke like my motherfuckin hoes
White boys? Man n***a they be like Lil Kim's toys
S**t man, my man is s**t man
He talk much s**t man, but don't back that s**t up
Like what the f**k?
F**k where the fuck's Fred Durst when you need his a**?

Outro: Red and Meth
Hahahaha god damn, god damn, god f*****g damn
S**t chill God that's the s**t right here
Yeah yeah this has been an exclusive
Dj motherfuckin Kay Slay
F**k all that mixtape volume 1
Get that s**t n***a

God dammit n***a god damn
Aint no god damn s**t like Wu-Tang
New album in '04 with the motherfuckin D-are-E
Featuring much s**t from Busta and Slim
And the fuckin G-unit
Man but f**k it lets get the f**k out
Yo kay turn that s**t the f**k off lets f*****g bounce
S**t God lets bounce

Aight God damn
Hold the f**k up
We also got guest appearences from the Bone Thugs, Cypress Hill
And many others
Aftermath motherfuckers

(Eminem on the phone as track ends)
What the f**k were you sayin about me Reggie? F**k it.
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These Motherfuckers Lyrics