Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo. Chill, chill.
I??™m preaching Thuganomics on Velocity,
We??™re taking over the green screen.
John Cena and Saturday night ?
You couldn??™t find a better Dream Team.
But I??™m frustrated, we??™re underrated,
We??™ve got the best show in the world.
I mean, Cat??™s always calling his Momma, and Josh??¦he ain??™t never kissed a girl.
But that??™s OK you pipsqueak, I??™m here to save you this week,
And my Johnson is longer than a Joe DiMaggio hit streak.
After the show, we can get out on a Hibachi,
Drinking full bottles of sake,
I??™m battle-rappin??™ with Funaki.
All the censors hate me, and the parents can??™t believe me,
???Cause their kids throw up the double horns after seeing me on TV.
Whether you like me, or you hate me, there??™s no way you can ignore me.
They don??™t let me curse on TV ? I have the crown curse for me.
You attack me, it??™s like acne, I??™ll pop you like a zit.
???Cause when you??™re untouchable, you don??™t take no sh**.
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Freestyle- Velocity 2003-05-31 Lyrics

Wrestling Lyrics – Freestyle- Velocity 2003-05-31 Lyrics