We just saw Brock Lesnar break Zach Gowen??™s only good leg
Well I guess Zach should cut his losses and learn to walk on wooden pegs
It ain??™t no secret, everyone knew he was gonna get smoked like a joint
Forget his handicap, Zach sucks because he??™s from Detroit
The only time you people look good is at nighttime during a blackout
This ain??™t Joe Louis Arena, it??™s the World??™s Biggest Crackhouse
And please read between the lines, because I??™m giving you the middle finger
Detroit??™s got more white trash than Jerry Springer
The best part about this city is that I??™m leaving here tomorrow
You think I suck? Well I know you swallow!
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Freestyle- Smackdown 2003-08-21 Lyrics

Wrestling Lyrics – Freestyle- Smackdown 2003-08-21 Lyrics