Yo Undertaker, you say I gotta learn the hardway? I got a PhD in Thuganomics, I know everything there is to know.
I know we should put you out to pasture, have a seat on the porch,
You??™re scared to death to pass this new legend the torch.
Change from Lucifer after Dead Man in a casket,
You mess with me, I??™ll put you to Hell in a hand basket.
Talking Hellfire, tellin??™ people you the devil,
You??™s a flamer punk and you??™re not at my level.
You can??™t sacrifice me, my name aint Mideon,
I??™ll go waco on your ass, like a Branch Davidian.
Tellin??™ people you the devil.. shoutin 666,
I claim heavenly Vengeance, and I??™ll make you my bitch!
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Freestyle- Smackdown 2003-07-24 (2) Lyrics

Wrestling Lyrics – Freestyle- Smackdown 2003-07-24 (2) Lyrics