Zach can??™t beat you, it??™s an impossible mission
He??™s just like Ted Turner man, he ain??™t no competition
And the fact he got a contract is just completely pathetic
Forget about his fke leg, his whole career is prosthetic
Yo, this kid is crazy. He??™s a circus freak, half of his body is plastic
He should do both of us a favor and hop into traffic
Now, I guess, I guess we both got handicapped matches at Vengeance it seems
I??™m killing a dead man, you??™re fighting Christopher Reeves
Yo, Yo, this kid is half assed. You??™re gonna knock off his block
Hey man, what??™s better than a one legged wrestler? Being able to walk!
Vince: ???Word life and all that stuff???
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Freestyle- Smackdown 2003-07-17 (2) Lyrics

Wrestling Lyrics – Freestyle- Smackdown 2003-07-17 (2) Lyrics