It??™s the new rookie phenom, I??™m changing the guard,
Dead Man Inc. is bankrupt, I??™m repossessing his yard.
Yeah he??™s a big dog and I??™m a pup, but I??™ll bark this;
If he??™s gonna beat me tonight he??™ll need an army full of darkness.
Yo, you can??™t take me because if you do I??™m gonna trash this.
I hope Paul Bearer has a new urn to bury your ashes.
I??™m worse than the Chicago fire, I??™ll burn your whole town.
I got Chicago runnin??™ scared! I turn your White Sox brown.
Yo, I??™m strong a muscle car, and this ain??™t my Last Ride.
I leave you like Chicago when Jordan left, stripped of your pride.
Yo, my practice is chiropractic. Dude, I??™ll break your back.
So you??™re a Dead Man? I??™m a necrophiliac!
Word Life!
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Freestyle- Smackdown 2003-04-10 Lyrics

Wrestling Lyrics – Freestyle- Smackdown 2003-04-10 Lyrics