This goes to every hip hot artist giving me no respect.
Why don??™t you step up to me? You??™ll get bounced like a bad check.
So hip hop hates me, cause I don??™t rhyme about gats.
And I??™m a white kid rockin??™ throwbacks and pinwheel hats.
I don??™t care about how many microphones I get in magazines.
I got my own flow, you can have your mainstream.
I??™ll out rhyme you with anything that I say to ya.
I??™m making an open challenge at WrestleMania.
In front of 50,000 I??™ll expose your mistakes.
And piss all over you like you was urinal cakes.
I??™m taking over hip hop and the wrestling ring.
That??™s why I??™m fully focused on the Next Big Thing.
I was laughing last week when you got beated you meathead.
It was funny watching the Vanilla Gorilla turn beat red.
You can??™t handle losing Brock, you turn into a sore sport.
And crippled Eric Angle, tried to cut his career short.
You think that??™s funny? Messing with people??™s lives?
Next week I??™m coming to Smackdown. Let??™s see if you survive!
I??™m harcore like porno flicks. You??™re softballs like slow pitch.
Here comes the real pain Brock. Payback??™s a bitch!
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Freestyle- Smackdown 2003-03-20 Lyrics