Ain't no who, what, why, or when
Going to turn me round from this world.
Ain't no "so I'm telling you again!"
Going to make me stop in this world.
So tired of hating.
I'm just awaiting ...
You, keep on walking to the end,
Going to make it work in this world.
Come back, start it up again,
Going to make it right in this world.
Love every hour
In the tower.
And you wait for another day,
And you know that they will say,
That it's too late
Yeah, they're telling you again!
You turn around, and nothing's right,
You've only got to shine your light.
It's not make-believe.
Going to make you believe!
Ain't no who, what, why, or when
Gonna turn me round from this world.
Going to get to this world.
Watch every hour
We're in the tower.
And you're holding on again,
And you're trying to say, my friend,
This will all turn out right.
You know that it's the end,
But the answer's here, my friend,
But they're telling you that it's just out of sight.
Ain't nobody gonna put me down,
Going to turn me round from this world.
This world ...
From this world ...
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This World Lyrics

World Party – This World Lyrics

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