I'll tell you about ms. honeybee a darling little tale poor just like a church-mouse her heart just like a whale milking
Cows she got along but never very good her braided hair was gold her shack was made of wood now honey was a lonesome child
Made friends when she could find one friends name was chicken her other friend was vine now vine was playing doctor and honey
Was playing nurse when out of the sky a bird dropped a little purse it opened like a flower made of a zillion bucks then
Honey, vine, and chicken did shout and look and cluck then before you knew it chicken who'd forgot that day to eat swallowed
Up the little purse and ran off down the street

Catch that yardbird

Well honey caught with chicken after quite a little race through fourteen fields of cotton seven clotheslines and a vase
Then they all moved to hollywood and bought a thousand things a gem for every finger every toe a diamond ring a football
Field sized swimming pool and a whole barn full of shoes a sapphire bike a velvet seat and a stadium of clothes, a big hen
House made of solid gold with ruby chandeliers there honey, vine, and chicken sit and count their souvenirs

Catch that yardbird
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Catch That Yardbird Lyrics

Woodshedders – Catch That Yardbird Lyrics