You see shocking posters shouting at you
Somewhere from a subway wall
Full of promises and glory
And the cutest headlines that you ever saw
You have to read and to believe
That all these things, that they have the worth
But, if you look a little closer
You're always aiming to unmask the dirt

Angry today,
And all alone you're on this planet Earth
Angry today,
And you're the only one who understands

You have your own life you can waste
And lovers you can cheat
That strange addiction to decay is haunting you
Haunting you, haunting you

I've my friend from the, to the government
Here and there and anywhere
The human preach is rage
The standard could advance you
While standing alone on the other side
That's why I'm angry today


A politician signs all contracts
With a light expression on his face
While all prophets are simply singing
Lullabies for the human race
When love is with of us one day
We will have left at least
And step-mother industry's whispering softly to me

[Chorus: x4]

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Angry Today Lyrics

Wolfsheim – Angry Today Lyrics