Black hearted
Adversary demon of sodomy
Grant me your sweat of your winged body
My desire to fuck you is oh so arousing
As I make thee young angels watch in lust
Oh whore of the night I shall take your
Soul in fiery vein my venomous c*** penetrates
Tampered places many have gone my worthless darling

Hope to see you when I return back my love
Beside my throne sits a whore
Submissive c*** c** to me and explore
Your forbidden desires (let the blood orgy begin)
As the stiffed demons dance around the priest
Of a dark distant (the dark distant air!)
Ridden coven witches stir their disease ridden cauldron black
Sickening secretion fills the gallowed
Hallways of immortal suffering c*** worshipping s***
One of the chosen few come forth and strip your skin
Show me your true form cloven hooves of power (run)
Shall rule the world

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Adversary (Taste Of Forsaken Desire) Lyrics

Wind Of The Black Mountains – Adversary (Taste Of Forsaken Desire) Lyrics