Well I grew up lean and hungry
I worked hard for my money
Said I'm gonna live my life the way I please
Spent some time on the road of life
Saw an angel once and the devil twice
I came across some things that I don't need

[Chorus: ]
Like a cold-hearted woman
Whiskey in my water
And only one way out of a motel room
Payments on the Cadillac
And too many questions
And old guitars that won't stay in tune

You know there's good and bad breaks
You learn from your mistakes
It's all in how you handle them do's and don'ts
A hillbilly boy is hard to convince
Wild and stubborn and not much sense
But I've got enough to know what I don't want

[Chorus: ]
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Guitars That Won't Stay In Tune Lyrics

Willie Nelson – Guitars That Won't Stay In Tune Lyrics

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