I see you floating it constantly
You're making me feel like you and I could be real (yeah)
But then you're flipping the game
You walk away you turn your back baby stop treading on me

Cos i'm mystified
And you know I've tried
I just can't get through to you

What you gonna do
I don't know
What you gonna say
I ain't sure
Always the same
All the time
Every day
Played my mind
I can't keep wasting my time on your game.

Ain't no doubt about it (x4)

I've taken all that I can
I've given to you my all but you don't seem to respond
Oh i can't stand all this waiting
Cos my patience is fading
Pretty soon i'll be gone

Lets rectify it
You can't deny it
The way that you feel for me
Tell me

(Repeat chorus)
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Your Game (Fridays Child) Lyrics

Will Young – Your Game (Fridays Child) Lyrics