I'm of use to what I call friends
But that's where the emotion dies
I turn my collar against the cold
I'm growing old

Take me to your citadel
And wrap me in your coat of arms
Shield me from the hungry night
I feel alright

Gimme sanctuary, I need shelter
I'm no one's one, it's helter skelter
Stumble blind into the dark
Look for comfort in the pain
A bastion of another sort
Chameleon cast in any court
Crawl into the room like smoke
Craw out of the gloom with hope

They stand out like breaking glass
Their little lies are not opaque
It hurts me to admit I know it
An remain stoic

Pity is my favorite trait
I crumble to the beating heart
Alas, these arms that hold me tight
Just for tonight

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Shadow Zone Lyrics

White Flag – Shadow Zone Lyrics