(I see Jesus standing waiting for me)

Once a man named Steven preached about the Lord

Folks were saved then folks were healed as they heard his word

Satan did not like it soon he had his crowd

And as he was tried they heard Steven cried aloud

I see Jesus standing at the father's right end I see Jesus over in the Promised Land

Work is over now I'm coming to be I see Jesus standing waiting for me

[ piano ]

As the stones fell on him beating out his life

Steven knew he'd soon be through with all toil and strife

So much like a Master with a heart so true

He prayed Lord forgive them for they know not what they do

Through the gates of glory down the streets of gold

March the hero on the Lord into heaven's fold

When he met the Saviour at the great white throne

I believed he smiled and said Steven welcome home

I see Jesus...

(I see you standing waiting for me)
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John Lyrics

Wes King – John Lyrics