I thought tonight would suck like every other night
I'd party with my friends
But when I saw you grooving on the dance floor
Normal came to an end

We started talking and man, it was so clear to me
There's no one else like you
You got the brains, the body, and the beauty
To top it off, you're cool

This ain't impossible
This ain't improbable
You are my baby tonight
And I'm your daddy
This ain't believable
This ain't predictable
You are my baby tonight
And I'm your daddy

I hope that I ain't freaking you out
You probably hear it all the time
I swear I ain't like those other boys
I'm a special kind

I would like to give a demonstration
Of what it is I do
I'll take you out to dinner at Palermo's
We'll split a cheese fondue


I will egg the goomba
If you tire
Try my best to moonwalk
On the wire

I just want to, oh ah,
Feel your fire
Feel your fire
Feel your fire!

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I'm Your Daddy Lyrics

Weezer – I'm Your Daddy Lyrics