It don't take much, to satisfy me,
I'll be your king, be your queen, what you want me to be.

It don't take much to bring me to a fever,
Use me abuse me,
Make me a believer.

I like to cut it with boys and girls, boys and girls,
Boys and girls, I like to cut both ways.

Girls and boys, girls, and boys,
Girls and boys feel my sexy blade.
I'm ready and willing, to cut till it bleeds,
But I can switch to a bitch,
If that's what you need.

I'm standing here, with a razor erection,
It cuts both ways, better use some protection,
Girls and boys, girls and boys, girls and boys,
I like to cut both ways, boys and girls, boys,
And girls boys, and girls
Feel my sexy blade

Now I don't need words, to say
What I'm feeling, open up, keep on
You've got me hot,
You've given me a fever,
I can't deny, I'm a believer.
I'm a believer

Boys and Girls, boys and girls,
Boys and girls, I like to cut both ways,
Girls and boys, boys and girls,
Boys, and girls feel my sexy blade

Work my body baby, work my body baby,
Work my body baby, all night long,
Can you hurt my body baby,
Hurt my body baby, hurt my body baby,
All night long?
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Cuts Both Ways Lyrics

Wedlock – Cuts Both Ways Lyrics

Songwriters: Paul Allgood/Jeff Hathaway
Cuts Both Ways lyrics © Grey Vireo Entertainment

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