Money makes me crazy, money makes me insane
Diamonds, silver, gold, and precious steel
I want it all; it's mine to claim
I hold my hands out, I take it all

I want a fistful, fistful of diamonds
I live for the glory and fame
I want a fistful, fistful of diamonds
The millions are calling my name

Fortune come here to me; it's power that rules the game
Seduction of silver and lawless greed
I love it all; I damn the shame
The root of all evil can hear me call


Solitaire, come cast a spell of magic
The smell of green, I stack my dollars high
Intoxicating, my mind's wreaking havoc
A famous face, I get what you can't buy

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Fistful Of Diamonds Lyrics

W.a.s.p. – Fistful Of Diamonds Lyrics

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