I've a breathe in minds of men
No man's ever ruled the world
With the lies I breath
Vanity in the lust of men
Not knowing the curse of me
I'm some of the seven sins
I'm the Alfa - omega man
I'll show you who I am
My soul has a dark embrace
Hypnotic charm, mesmerizing face
Till I'm your king
A magic tongue, I'll seduce you all
Till ya know my charisma
Vatican Man
I'm a liar blinding your vision
Preaching fear and using religion
I wrap myself in the American Flag
With the bible and Koran
And tell people I'm for which it stands
Till you believe, till you know my charisma
I'm coming back till you know I'm God
I'm a fear from a shadow land
I seduce you all
Here I come new messiah man
To bow to me, make me your God
I got them all marching to the rhythm
Believing me, oh yeah, their new religion
I'm a racist with a waving flag

I'm gonna be the new world leader
Of domination with a fascist plan
I got a lot of 9 millimeter baby eaters
I'm coming back til you know I'm God
Till you belive, till you know I'm charisma
Charisma - do you know my name
I'm the God that you pray
Charisma - are you idolizing me?
When you worship my name
I'm a dangerous thing
Your new messiah's me

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Charisma Lyrics

W.a.s.p. – Charisma Lyrics

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