747 and an F-14 dogfight
At that line between heaven and earth
Two hundred tourists sucking Bloody Marys
Stewardess smile fades into terror

Charlie Businessman thinks about his dollars
Doubting priests re-arrange their collars
Infants cry but they always do
And all I see is you, all I see is you

You! You! You!
Cockroach pillows in a midnight storm
Yesterday's papers to keep me warm
Streetlight moon with the bulb burnt out

Trashcan rattle and a frozen shout
I'm about to shatter but I never do
'Cause all I see is you
You! You! You!

Let bygones be bygones
In a minute or two I'll be through
I'll be mercury droplets in a poison stew
I'll carry the dawn in a lead-lined quiver

And shoot bolts of lightning in a boiling river
It's you, I see you, you, you!
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You! You! You! Lyrics

Was (not Was) – You! You! You! Lyrics

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