On the Jews longest of leashes
The black brute savage beast is...
Seeking havoc to reek
On the prowl to obliterate
His s** drenched brain is primitively driven
By animalistic instincts fueled by propaganda
Ever lusting after her pink flesh
To harvest fruits that's been denied him
As verboten, forbidden, not all of us can be bought off
Or will surrender...

These goddamned niggers can't get that shit out of their heads
It possesses their simian minds like money does a yid's
Hebraic string pullers pump their head full of all kinds of shit
Like filling these wild savage apes with a rabid sense of entitlement
But there is always one thing, one thing that they've always understood
That's when the White man stands up and stamps out through
His Declaration of War
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Declaration Of War Lyrics

War-band – Declaration Of War Lyrics

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