Baby I know inside you feel sad
But I want you to know, baby you found a friend
And baby I know you made your mistakes
And it's ok, cause I'm here till the end

I know it's hard for you to realize
That I'm the one for you
Hope some day soon you reconize
Baby you want it to
Baby I'm here

Baby I'm right here waiting on your love
Waiting, waiting waiting

Baby tell me if I am wrong
But the way that you look at me
I just gotta be yours
And baby when we spend time alone
Do I make you happy, cause I'm happy
For sure

I know exactly what you looking for
Girl I'm the one for you
Baby when you ready I'll give you more
You know you want me too
Baby I'm here, waiting for you

Cause baby girl you deserve,
More than he's giving to you
Whnever you say the word
I will come running
Anything you ask I'll do
For you
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Waiting On Your Love Lyrics

Walter McCarty – Waiting On Your Love Lyrics