Who's that boy
From the Ak ron?
Wally Boy Wonder
Who's that boy
From the Ak ron?
Wally Boy Wonder
Who's that boy
In the Thanatron?
Wally Boy Wonder
Who's that boy with
The microphone on?
Wally Boy Wonder

How I deal with these things
How I feel with these wings
How I feel when bees sting
All around these birds sing

Welcome to the Death Machine
Wonder how my sneakers stay clean
Dueling on these dusty roads
You catch the mic as it explodes
Your image wrecked into debris
Still hate cause a label signed me
Style fresh Intolerance
Hitchcock suspense
Carpenter's sick sense
The Thing Escaped L. A.
Man it knew too much they say
Jimmy Stewart Doris Day
Big trouble in the A. K.
Boy went missing lead astray
Jealous cats try to assassinate
That boy with the Kangol
Seven on his neck
Started his career with two tape decks


The tide is rising quick
Wanna ride on this battleship?
Man the wheel I'll take the deck gun
53 cal Mark Seven better get one
Torpedoes foes give chase
Water world boy as bombs give bass
Teddy bear super toy from the O. H.
And I taking over deep space
Tilde we kill prey
It's the 13th of Friday
Get Cake
Remake by Mike Bay
Psycho remix
With Norm Bates
The floor shakes
We storm gates
With Korpserape
Snareburst, Duma
Dog Vs. Cat, Slugwrench
And Rowdy Gantz
Intolerance Records Baby
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That Boy Lyrics

Wally Boy Wonder – That Boy Lyrics