I'll tall ya that I love you
If it makes everything alright
I just want to hold you
I've got something to prove tonight
I'm tired of the telephone
Can't you give me one night alone
I'm staring at your picture
I realize what you mean to me
Every single moment
Is burning deep in my memory
It doesn't matter what they say
Our love's too good to throw it away
All wa need is

One night alone
Just you and me, won't you give me
One night alone
''cause that's all I need
One night alone
You lovin' me

I want to feel yor heartbeat
In the darkness next to mine
I need to feel your heartbeat
To know our love's still alive
The power of your tender touch
You know I waited long
long enough, for just

One night alone
That's how it should be
All we need is one night alone
Just you and me
One night alone, you lovin' me
Can't you give me one night, one night

This isn't the way two lovers live
This isn't the dream
I want to be living in, no no no

I'm tired of this telephone
Can't you give me one night alone
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One Night Alone Lyrics

Vixen – One Night Alone Lyrics

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