Chorus: Nows the time to choose whom you will serve don't you let another day without god on your side x1

Listen to that voice that's quietly calling your name
Answer and I promise you will never be the same
Its your life we're talking here so have no fear
Don't you think it's time you have peace of mind
Chorus x2
Now- your eyes are filled with tears of lonliness
That's good news true love and nothing less
You can start anew just give your life to jesus
He will make You brand new
Chorus x2
Don't wait
Tommorrow might be too late
Why wait
Wont you let him in he wants to show you love unconditional
Forever more
And you'll know
How much he loves you
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Doo doo doo doo doo do yeah
You better choose this day
Make a choice right now
Chorus (till out)
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Now's The Time Lyrics

Virtue! – Now's The Time Lyrics