I see no way out.
I feel a closing in.
Living this way, I won't live this way.
Its no way to live.
I am not grateful.
I am hateful.
I see stupid things,
So i say stupid things.
One thing I know I want to go
Where my heart can't hurt no more.
I am not grateful.
I am hateful.
I am not grateful.
I am painful.

Gordon Gano: Vocals, Guitar
Brian Ritchie: Acoustic Bass Guitar, Vocals
Guy Hoffman: Drums, Vocals

Produced by Brian Ritchie and Gordon Gano
Recorded and Mixed by David Vartanian at DV's Perversion Room, Milwaukee, WI

⌦㜱㬴 Gorno Music reprinted with permission
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Thanksgiving (No Way Out) Lyrics

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Violent Femmes – Thanksgiving (No Way Out) Lyrics

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