Hollywood is high
Hollywood is high hollywood
Is high hollywood is
High hollywood is
High sunset's
Low all the wood is
Dry no place to
Go hollywood is
High sunset's
Low cars
All pass by with no place
To go and I don't wanna
Have fun fun always lets me
Down and I don't wanna stay
Young and always be just hangin
Round sir where do they sell this
Magazine calculation to
Excite and sir you can tell
It's not obscene penetration in black and
White and I don't wanna
Look lookin always let me
Down and all the paths he
Forsook only
Left him hangin round L.A. from
The valley to the shore it's OK but I
Don't want nothing from you anymore hollywood is
High sunset's
Low do not ask
Why thomas guide says
So I wanna
Fun fun it always
Lets me down and I don't wanna
Stay young and be just be hangin
Round hollywood is
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Hollywood Is High Lyrics