Stripping flowers at pedal pace
Twirling blur of legs, legs and lace
Victoria, she loves her name

Running flushed our faces red
Daring her to kiss, to kiss my head
Victoria, she loves her name

Bathing in her innocence
Then drowned in her indifference

I left her on her frozen route
I grew up while she, she grew out
Victoria, she loves her name

A social climb by offering love
'Til everyone was inside of

Now my love won't make amends
You cut the cord on which your life depends
Victoria, she loves her name

Like cheating in a children's game
Victory doesn't taste the same
Yet victoria, she loves her name
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Victoria Lyrics

Verve Pipe – Victoria Lyrics

Songwriters: Vander Ark, Brian / Vander Ark, Brad / Brown, Donny
Victoria lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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