Wash away their color they're just gray
Hold them under water they can't fly away
Still I dread this crawling on my skin
The butterflies have found me, they want in

Bring down the monochrome; shelter my eyes
Give me something to calm the nerves
The perfect disguise

Draped in silence so they can't see
Let it wash over me

There you are fading through
Pressure's on, there's so much to do
Build yourself ten feet tall
Make them run, you can chase them all

You're the hero, you're the star
Who stands in the spotlight leading us far
Beyond the doubts we all must climb
To reach the other side

Feet of stone, heart of glass
No balance here and it makes me laugh
Lift me up, high above
Past the line; give them what they want

Time to cast off and face the sea
Lost in glory for posterity
"No need for fear" the Captain cries
"We'll reach the other side"

Oh, they're only butterflies
Oh, they're only butterflies, only butterflies...
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Butterflies Lyrics