[Jay-Z Talking:]
I mean usher is this what it come to man
This is how we gon' do it
I mean I making grass grow baby, ya know
Seeds become plants
Boys become men
Want we gon' do

[Verse 1: Jay-Z]
Wrapped around our girls like pashminas
Whats my demeanor
The grass is always greener on the other side
To think of I cant give her a ring up
I couldn't give a fuck
I could I give a finger
Let alone half baths and closets
So claustrophobic if there were close objects
Now its sort of like two door garages
Its like two broads minagin'
Your the best mama!

[Verse 2: Usher]
Is there any chance
That you remember me being any more than just a horrible man
And would you consider
Pullin' this trigger
And taking a second shot at romance
Oh Babe,
I want the days when you were my girl
And I was your man,
Know I took you for granted,
But it wasn't until now I see how much I miss you...
Girl I'm sorry that I ran the streets acting like a damn fool, yeah
But for once, here goes the truth

I can't be fake I can't be phonie
Acting all hard thats the niggers thats lonely
I tried to flex but I confess that when you left you took the very best thing
The best things that ever happened to me
You took my best thing,
The best thing that I ever seen
You took the best thing that I ever seen
You took the, the best thing that I ever had
And now all I feel is stress cause when you left you took the very best

[Verse 3: Usher]
Remember Mimi or Vita, remember Isha or Eva
I ain't got em no more, hey yes
Niomi or Jenny, the same outcome is chillin'
Girl, I let em all go
No more trickin' and kissin' miscellaneous chicks
Acting like a jerk, woman I been to church
And I talked to the bishop and he wanted me to share this with ya
How much I miss you

I'm so sorry that I ran the streets acting like a damn fool
But for once here goes the truth


[Verse 4: Jay-Z]
Mama tried t o told me
Hovie Hov better slow it down
You gon' lose your best thing
If you keep gettin' round
Like PAC needed pot
When you old to hold you down
Ma forever young was forever numb
Sorry states are sorry done
Your million and all of them
All of em was funny time
It wasn't you it was him
School me once school me twice
Three times and I was dumb
Now its so plant the seed in me
I got the one
Your the best mama!

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Best Thing Lyrics

Usher – Best Thing Lyrics

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