You got no reason
You just sit around
You got no cat luck
You just spin around
Jumping curves in your oversized Cadillac
Jumping dealers that don?t have the cash to dash
Run all you children the evil has crashed the gates
Now you?re not civilized
Preying on the innocent
you got no feelings
You just spit em out
You got no cat love
You might as well just Bugg
Bugg 3X
you like to grunt
When you know you are hurting her
The pendulums swings in the darkest of evil winds
The fallen angel has fallen to escape
In a bloodbath the intellect shall pay
Bugg 3X
Dropped kick in the head
And brain starts spinning
Down through your spine
And your brain starts falling behind
Fool around

Like the November Sun
She was flowing
Like the forever sun
Reaching towards he dark light
Always denying
Floating right on by
New York, Los Angeles, Chicago
I?ve got to get me some
Give me some of that Bugg

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Bugg Lyrics

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