I was waiting for somebodyThis afternoonHope that she rememberedOur rendezvouzAnd when she didn’t showJust like yesterdayI do the last, I’ll find another wayOne night I saw the strangerAcross the hallI knew he was the reasonWhy she didn’t callI wish I had imaginedOr dreamt the lotBut the heart didn’t chooseThe pain I’ve gotNow she’ turning me inside outUpside downAnd me heart is all a roundaboutSpinnin’ roundShe’s turnin’ me inside outInside outShe’s turnin’ me inside outInside outNow he’s got all so meltWith a diamond ringAnd she was thinking throughAlmost anythingShe’s like a shadow going upSeventh avenueBut so what, she’s only goingWhere she’s didn’t toI just got one thing to sayJust before I goSince he was the offenderI want her to knowNow my mind has got me the dayI’m watching toI’ll never raise a thoughtOf what she’d done
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My Joanna Needs Tuning Lyrics

Uriah Heep – My Joanna Needs Tuning Lyrics

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