Don’t let love make a fool of youLove is meant to tellin’ truthAnd never any liesCame to me by seein’ truthIn each other’s eyesEach other’s eyesWhat kind of a foolDo you think I am? ’cos I have no moneyDoes it mean I’m half a man? You know that I will give you allGive you all that I canYou’re lyin’, tellin’ meWhat I should beYou’re lyin’, tellin’ everyone it’s meYou’re lyin’, tellin’ meWhat I should beYou’re lyin’, lyin’, lyin’, lyin’Tellin’ lies can only break you in twoYou tell the biggest soloWhat do you hope to gain? If I were you then I wouldTry to make amendsI’ll tell all my friendsYou livin’ a world of dreamsBut it’s too late to changeYour way of life, it seemsSo you just carry onThe best way you know howYou know how
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Lying Lyrics