Love, love, loveI’m looking for loveLove, love, loveWhen I was only sixteenWell, give it take a year or moreI’ve got to singing aboutThe life I’ve leadAnd I threw it right out of the doorI’ve got to get some ofThat heavy jiveThat the old folks are talkin’ aboutSo I strutted my stuffTo the local clubTo see what I was leaving nowLooking for love, love, loveLooking, looking for loveLove, love, loveI took my seat atThe foot of the stageAnd waited for the fun to beginAnd there in the lightStood this heavy chickWith the cutest babeThat I’ve ever seenShe smiled at meShe did her danceTook me by surpriseThe way she wiggled her hipsAnd she shook that ...Right between the eyesAfter the show she cameAnd sat downSaid: hi son, what’s your name? I said: never mind thatThink about this:Loving’s the name of my gameShe said: that’s alrightBut it’ll cost you, sonI said: tell me what’sThe price of the dayShe said: twenty dimeAnd a wedding ringAnd everything will be o.k.
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Gimme Love Lyrics

Uriah Heep – Gimme Love Lyrics

Songwriters: Bolder, Trevor / Box, Mick / Kerslake, Lee / Lawton, John
Gimme Love lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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