I must thank lordIn my hour of needI’ve given way to a better manBut I ain’t been freeTo push the hour hereIn this soul of mineI’ve burned my bridgesAnd I’m satisfiedThe preacher’s due hereIn an hour or soTo give me reasons forThe things I knowI might have been careless and iI might have been blindIf I’m the guilty, I’m satisfiedOh woman, why did youDo me wrong? Sending me down andI just canЎ®t get alongWhen daybreak comes andI’ve reached the end of the lineI have a right to liveAnd I’m left to dieIt all seems so hazy nowIt seems so long agoShe hid the things she’d doneOr things I should knowWhat was I to do forThe hurting here insideI kill for love but the ...I have a right to liveWhen I’m left to dieOh, womanI have a right to live ...
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A Right To Live Lyrics

Uriah Heep – A Right To Live Lyrics