Too young to know
We're too reckless to care
Too young to know
You we're never even there
Too young to know
We're to reckless to care
Too young to know
Now I just don't fucking care

Hello, dear father, you did a hell of a job
I sit and ponder wondering what the fuck is wrong
Here's some toys, give this check to your mom
'Cause if I don't pay, the judge won't let daddy come


The marriage vows are such a fucking joke
How many times can one person "have and hold"
"Sickness and health" means nothing to me
We are the future of this dysfunctional society


Pack your bags and leave the family you built
I hope you're feeling lots of loneliness and guilt
So many fuck and knock there girlfriends up
Desert your family and let your kids raise themselves

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Too Young To Know Lyrics