Wanna give it out
Wanna beef it up
Wanna make it beg for more
Gotta keep it clean
Your little mean machine
Because its the only, only one you got

Gotta make it last
Sign an autograph
Getting ready to get it on
You gotta wipe it clean
Get that magic sheen

So wipe it 'till it bleeds
So wipe it 'till it bleeds

Its your golden toy
Make it make some noise
You gotta make it cream
Such a shiny dream
You gotta check the seam
Got my scandinavian leather on

Never let it dry
Or it will fucking die
You gotta let it breathe
Gotta strech it out
Gotta flex it out
Work that baby all night long
Work that baby all night long
All night long

See the young lord
Looking so very good
He rode down to the village
Just like we knew he would
He's such a lusty little hipster
He takes what he wants
Subcultural greed, he's a boy of many needs
And now, right now

We're gonna wipe him 'till he bleeds
Wipe it 'till it bleeds
You gotta keep it clean
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Wipe It 'til It Bleeds Lyrics

Turbonegro – Wipe It 'til It Bleeds Lyrics