Throw them thangs [X3]

The quicker the n***a can go on
The faster the n***a can get his dough on
Then I can hit my flow and get my ho on
Them n****s don't know what goes on
They trying to f**k with all they clothes on
Then act up when all the hoes gone
Are you ready for my flow? Hit me (Hoooooooo!) [X3]
Stop fronting m**********r let them thangs go
I'm quick to kill a n***a any n***a feel me n***a
You can't fade me I'm way to f*****g real n***a
2Pacalypse Now still down with the Underground
n****s get clowned when I come around
Boom boom m**********r and it don't stop
f**k a cop pass the glock and it won't stop
If ya ready for my flow hit me (Hoooooooo!) [X3]
Stop fronting m**********r let them thangs go
If ya wondering the thunder and the trouble
Is coming from the rebel as I hit ya from the lower level
Hit me once f*****g D M and two times
Popping like two nines hitting 'em with new rhymes
I can make you love me
Best to chill with the n***a 'cause ya sure can't punch me
If ya feel me let me hear ya say (Rock that shit) [X3]
'Cause ain't a n***a alive that can stop the hit

Hey, hold on young 'Pac
Motherfuckers ain't riding no hookers out here
Punk motherfuckers think the town
Ain't got handle bars on and s**t
And ya lie to get slapped behind here
With a motherfucking motor, punk sissy
Tell them motherfucking square a** n****s
Check this out
Y'all fonna come up off those motherfucking thangs
'Cause I ain't fonna be up in sweating for nothing
Ya little punk square n***a

I'm quick to spit the s**t get ya open
Straight outta Oakland
f**k the law get ya jaw broken
Ba ba ba bang bang n***a it's a stick up dee
Turn the kick up I'm ready to rip the s**t up G
They got me hype hype hyper, am I hype enough?
Pass the blunt m**********r let me light s**t up
And pump ya fist like this
'Cause the cops can't flip on a whole damn clique
So suck d**k
What they hitting 'for? Double up n***a it's on
The type of n***a that likes to bone with the lights on
If ya ready for a n***a hit me (Hooooooo!) [ X3]
Stop fronting m**********r let them thangs go
Yes some of you n****s are b*****s too
Little square motherfuckers trying to get to who?
Pop pop never made it to ya punk a** clique
Talk s**t now ya gotta get ya punk a** whipped
For the b*****s that be trying to work a n***a (f**k that bitch)
For the tramps that be trying to jerk a n***a (f**k that tric)
For the rollers that be trying to urk a n***a (f**k the cops)
I'ma hustle and you punks can't hurt me n***a
If ya ready for a n***a hit me (Hooooooo!) [ X3]
Stop fronting m**********r let them thangs go
Uh, uh, yeah
Let them thangs go
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Let Them Thangs Go Lyrics